DTU - a leading University within Arctic Research and Research-based Advisory

DTU is a world leading university within technological Arctic research. The university draws on more than 100 years of experience in Arctic research conducted by various departments. and collaborates with a number of public and private Arctic stakeholders

Arctic Research and Research Infrastructure

DTU has a broad portfolio of research and activities related to the Arctic. Click here to learn more about the resarch activites, facilities and research infrastructure
Arctic Research at DTU

Educational Programmes

The development of new industry in the Arctic region is intensifying fast and the industry now demands engineers who have specific Arctic competencies. DTU has several educational programmes that accomodate those neeeds. Click here to learn more about Arctic Engineering and Cold Climate Engineering
Educational Programmes

Consultancy and Collaboration

DTU collaborates with a number of public and private Arctic stakeholders to provide them with state-of-the-art research-based innovation and advisory services that creates significant value for the stakeholders. A strategic area of focus is the development of new technologies tailored to Arctic conditions. DTU is also leveraging its research, know-how and technology portfolio as a partner in Arctic innovation networks.


International Symposium
Gravity, Geoid & Height Systems 2
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Arctic Student Entrepreneurship

A new Nordic network collaboration
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DTU is af contributing partner in the web portal ISAAFFIK - Arctic Gateway. ISAAFFIK is a web portal, that helps connecting polar researchers and institutions for collaboration on Arctic matters within research, logistics, education and consultancies. Click here to learn more about ISAAFFIK

Earth Observations

DTU Space provides The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency with research-based consultancy within the area of geodesy:  earth observation, gravity measurements, positioning and navigation in Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Satellites and drones - multiuse

A new report just released by DTU presents for the first time an overall picture of the opportunities Denmark has to establish space infrastructure comprising satellites and drones in the Arctic

Geotechnical challenges in small communities

Centre for Arctic Technology has initiated a research project aimed at understanding the geotechnical challenges and social impacts in small communities in permafrost areas under the influence of climate changes

Arctic Cluster of Raw Materials

DTU is part of a platform for companies within the extractive industries in the Arctic. The purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness in Greenland and Denmark in the industry and contribute to sustainable growth and employment.

Webportal om is og klima

DTU, DMI and GEUS have launched a joint web portal that conveys the latest observations and the newest knowledge on the development in the Arctic ice and climate

Coorporation with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

DTU Aqua supports the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources within; fisheries biology, stock assessment, survey planning, evaluation, training and support of young researchers

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