A Nordic network collaboration on Arctic student entrepreneurship with an operational holistic perspective on people, planet and profit

Promoting sustainable growth and business development in the Arctic requires a dynamic population of innovative entrepreneurs with a concern for the social and enviromental bottom lines as well as the financial performance of their businesses. By developing, testing and disseminating an evidence-based model for teaching and training sustainable entrepreneurship among Arctic students within the "triple bottom line" framework, the project provides an operational, holistic framework for building the capacity for sustainable growth and business development in the region. 

The present project proposes a Nordic collaboration on education, learning networks and capacity building within student entrepreneurship at institutions of higher education in the Arctic - with a special focus on the TBL framework.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Exchange of best practices, knowledge and experiences among the collaborating partners on how to foster entrepreneurial competences and mindsets among Arctic students in higher education though formal and informal educational initiatives
  • Development and test of an evidence-based model for training and teaching sustainable entrepreneurship through integration of a TBL perspective in the development of Arctic entrepreneurial competences and mindsets of the students
  • To disseminate the model for entrepreneurship teaching and training to a broad range of stakeholders among Nordic institutions of higher educations along with the associated learnings from the implementation of pilot projects in Nuuk and Torshavn

The overall vision of the proposed project is to create a platform on which institutions of higher education in the Nordic Arctic region can collaborate on empowering students to be entrepreneurial driving forces in facilitating an integrated economic, social and environmentally sustainable development in the region.

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Triple Bottom Line

The concept of the triple bottom line - an operational measure of sustainability

The concept of “the triple bottom line” (Elkington, 1994) refers to the notion that the performance of companies should be measured not only by the traditional measure of financial profit, but by three different bottom lines:

  1. Profit and loss account - the traditional measure of corporate profit.
  2. Organization’s “people account” - a measure of how socially responsible the organization has been in its operations.
  3. Company's “planet” account - a measure of how environmentally responsible it has been. 


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