Isaaffik - Arctic Gateway

DTU is af contributing partner in the web portal ISAAFFIK. ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is the name of a an Arctic web portal, that helps connecting polar researchers and institutions for collaboration on Arctic matters within research, logistics, education and consultancies. 

ISAAFFIK is a web portal that connects researchers and research institutions within the Kingdom of Denmark. The portal is a tool to assist planning an expedition to the Arctic, and also serves as a forum for exchange of ideas and contributions to teaching, research and education.

ISAAFFIK gives the individual researcher an overview of the activities in progress and can assist in the planning of field activities in coorporation with other researchers as well as the Danish Defence (JACO) and Danish Naval Vessels (DCH). The portal also offers an overview of research projects, educational programmes, events and cources research projects.

group of researchers, coordinators and consultants who developed the portal across universities, government and research institutions.

You can visit the Arctic web portal at:

Additional information:

Coordinator of ISAAFFIK Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and Aarhus University,, tel.: +45 3071 3950. Isaaffik contact person at DTU is Hanne Thomasen, tel.: +45 4525 9671

The development of the website has taken place across Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese universities and research institutions as well as the Danish Defence.

For more information on ISAAFFIK

You can visit the website at www,


Hanne Thomasen
Project developer, research coordinator
DTU Space
+45 45 25 96 71