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DTU Aqua

The section for Oceans and Arctic at DTU Aqua is focused on research in the marine environment. The research spectrum is broad covering population ecology, oceanography, observation technology and the Arctic. 

The research in the section includes marine ecology with special focus on populations and ecosystems. The general field is quantitative marine ecology, i.e. establishing how processes affecting individuals shape populations and ecosystems. The focus is on fish, but not exclusively as lower trophic levels, and species and environmental interactions are considered across relevant. Oceanography integrates the description of the interaction between biological, physical and chemical interactions in the ocean, ranging from individual plankton to regional seas. There is focus on understanding the key processes that govern the structure and function of pelagic food webs, as well as climate and ecosystem interactions. Observation technology is a multidisciplinary activity aimed at integrating traditional methods in acoustics, optics and image analyzes to support research in the section as well as across Aqua. Arctic is a regional component that goes across the other research disciplines in the section. It is based on a close collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, combined with other research projects. Focus is on increasing activity in the Arctic across the other research disciplines

There is a large cooperation potential with the Maritime Service on projecting, building and equipping a new Dana and the Section for Monitoring and data on conducting research and monitoring surveys. DTU’s overarching initiative Polar DTU is an important facilitator for collaboration across DTU, not least because specific interests lie within collaboration on remote sensing with DTU Space.

With regard to education, a new Fisheries Technology in Sisimiut under the ARTEK umbrella is being developed and is planned to be launched in August 2018.

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DTU Aqua
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