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The Center for Arctic Technologi, ARTEK, at DTU Civil Engineering has within the last 16 years established and consolidated itself as a central, international player within educating and researching in relation to the global climate changes. The centre educates Arctic Engineers and conducts research, innovation and public consultancy in arctic technology. The latest development in Greenland and the multifaceted challenges the country is facing related to the upcoming mining and quarrying increases the need for “know-how” within Arctic technology. In relation to that, ARTEK has in collaboration with the Greenlandic government and other stakeholders started a strengthening of the Centre’s activities, based upon “Vision125”. Vison 125 implies the establishment of a new technical university centre in Sisimiut, which will be developed into an international centre of excellence for technical education and Arctic technology.

Through these activities ARTEK contributes to the building and spreading of knowledge about Arctic technology in the entire Arctic region.

  • ARTEK wishes to contribute to a positive development of a sustainable and independent Greenlandic society. This will happen through educating highly qualified engineers through continuously development of our Arctic Engineering education, which meets the special Greenlandic needs and assumptions.
  • ARTEK wishes in addition to achieve a position as a central international co-player within education and research in relation to the climate changes. This has happened by ARTEKs supply of a new international semester for engineering students, the Arctic Semester,  in Greenland and the Nordic Master Education in Cold Climate Engineering (in collaboration with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Aalto University in Finland); through ARTEKs efforts to be included in the collaboration about the new Climate center in Greenland, which was established in 2009; and by attracting and participating in research projects about climate changes.
  • ARTEK wishes within the research area to achieve international high status on its four main fields of expertise; Constructions and physical environment, Arctic environmental engineering, Buildings and energy in the Arctic, Planning sustainability and infrastructure.
  • ARTEK wishes to contribute to qualified solutions on regulatory functions in Greenland.
  • ARTEK wishes to collaborate with the industry (building materials, water purification, heat pumps, contractors, etc.) and public authorities (municipalities, urban communities, the government of Greenland, etc.)
  • ARTEKs research should be characterized by inter disciplinarity and projects to a large extent

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