Travel (flight connections)

The workshop is timed so that it is possible to participate in the workshop by flying into Greenland from Copenhagen on Monday, June 1, or Tuesday, June 2 (early flight connection), leaving Greenland on Friday (June 5) to Copenhagen or Saturday (June 6) to Iceland.

Note: The meeting will start at 3 pm on Tuesday, June 2, to allow same-day connections from Nuuk, Iceland and Denmark.

Participants from Nuuk have the opportunity to participate on a short term basis as well (e.g., Tue-Wed or Tue-Thu).

Air Greenland flights from Copenhagen to Ilulissat (via the main airport of Kangerlussuaq) can be booked online at Ilulissat IATA code is JAV. Note that an overnight in Copenhagen will usually be needed to catch the 09:00 am flight to Greenland. Also note that some foreign travel agents and web sites are unable to book through tickets with Air Greenland flight legs.

Air Iceland flights direct to Ilulissat depart from the Reykjavik domestic airport (RKV), not the international airport Keflavik (KEF). Transit between the airports is by bus or taxi (40 min). Air Iceland tickets are available online at The flights depart Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11:15 am, and can usually not be booked as part of through tickets. A block-booking of seats on the June 2 departure has been done for the CGC/SVALI-workshops; please contact Tomas Johannesson if you wish to travel on the June 2 Reykjavik-Ilulissat connection (the Iceland connection fit well with North American flights to KEF).

A third option for North American travel could be via Canada (Ottawa-Iqaluit-Nuuk-Ilulissat); it is undecided at present if this route will operate in 2015, check or